How to Standout At A Trade Show With A Custom Display

Nowadays more and more exhibitors understand the importance of a quality made trade show display. But what do you mean by quality? Of course, we do not imply ramshackle booths that are ready to fall apart any second. It is more about the ability of a booth to attract attention of the target audience, bring you leads and increase brand awareness… and whatever goals you have exhibiting at a trade show. There are myriads of exhibits on the market, and it could seem like exhibitor can find something unique that won’t be found on the expo floor at the same time. However, many off-the-shelf booths may indeed have similar designs or use similar elements. Then how to stand out in this case? The answer is clear –¬† custom display.

What Is a Custom Display

custom displaySuch a booth implies a trade show product that was designed and build for a specific exhibitor. And if you can have something crafted for you it means that you won’t probably use regular forms, shapes, designs, etc. Such a luxury have not only aesthetic purpose. In fact, it allows companies to have a piece that suits their marketing goals the most accurately. It takes into account almost everything – your branded message, your audience, products arrange, layout, even convenience of use for your staff, and, of course, visitors. Having all these elements designed thoughtfully, you can create an incredible impact on your audience. They will be drawn like a moth to the flame, and getting at your display they won’t have to leave. And you, meanwhile, have a change do what you came to a trade show for – promote your products and services.

How They are Created

custom boothAll the process of creation is build upon  a close cooperation between a company exhibitor and a designer. You need to clearly imagine what your booth has to do, what elements it must have, and what are its functions. Based on this information a designer will suggest several design options. If one of the options meets your requirements, the designer will create a render and all the specifications needed to build this exhibits. Then it is time to build such a booth. You need to remember that the process of crafting such a piece is very responsible and it requires tremendous skills and expertise. Usually, such booths are created utilizing aluminum extrusion elements that reduce weight of custom displays and make it easy to assemble and tear down. Shipping is also not a serious problem when a booth is disassembled.

How to Choose a Manufacturer

There can be many criteria you need to take into account. But let’s learn them on an example of custom trade show booth manufactures – EXHIBE. This company has everything it takes to produce stunning displays with individual design. First of all, it is a team of skilled designers that always have innovative ideas and are not scared to offer an ambitious project. Second, it is own production capabilities. It is a very important aspect since it guarantees that your exhibit will be produced on time and according to the highest standards of quality. Third, it is experienced booth builders that have seen it all when it has to crafting a custom display. And finally, it is experience. Since manufacturing an exhibit is an creative process, you need to have expertise in what you are doing, otherwise the result will be below any expectations.

So, as you can see, if you want to have an exhibit with individual design you need to take into account a lot of things. But if to do everything right your efforts will pay off.