How to Make a Show Out of Marketing Event

Trade shows are not only about business, deals and sales, but also they have an element of a show. Do not forget how important it is to wow visitors. Many trade shows attendees just stroll from one display to another, studying the market. If you want to win their attention you need to offer them something eye-catching that will engage their curiosity. To do so you don’t even need to have a huge budget. A good idea works just great and it doesn’t cost much. We have participated at various trade show events and seen some brilliant ideas that you can also employ at your booth. So let’s start!

  1. Guerrilla marketing

Guerilla marketing is one of the latest trends in advertising, which provokes a massive reaction among people, while requiring minimal cost. The goal of guerilla marketing is to provoke surprise and delight among the attendees so that they talk about it and share their impressions both in real life and in social networks. A good idea is a pledge of success. For example, you can arrange your own small opening ceremony with the elements of a show. Or create an intrigue – let a curtain hide your exhibit at the first hours of exhibiting while letting people hear some weird nose from there: the noise of a waterfall, the sounds of animals, the roar of construction, etc. This will definitely attract the attention of visitors and they won’t pass by your booth without wanting to know what is inside.

  1. Keys and puzzles for attendees

Give visitors a key or a puzzle and say that a lock or a second part of the puzzle is in a certain place in an expo center. Give them a hint and arrange everything the way that it leads attendees to your display. Curiosity will make many visitors play your game, so make sure to prepare prizes for participants.

  1. Use the Power of Humor

Always look for the opportunity to include humor at your exhibiting efforts. For example, you can shoot reaction of visitors to the stand with a hidden camera and broadcast it live via Periscope, Facebook or Instagram. If you are worried that visitors might dislike something, do a stream with a host – let one of the employees with the greatest sense of humor walk along the a show with the camera and comment on everything he/she sees. This broadcast can be announced in advance; by doing this you will get more views.

  1. Fake news about an event and its participants

Another element of humor is fake news about your products, services, partners, etc. Share these news in social networks during an event. Let it be such unrealistic funny stories that visitors of will be able to understand that the news is a fake. Such humor requires caution, so it is better to think things through beforehand. The effect in the media space can be even more significant than you expect: your stories have a chance to turn into memes.

  1. Broadcast on a Big Screen

It is a more expensive, but also a more reliable option. Set up a large screen on your custom display and stream a live video to it. If you want to really stand out, you can use elements of augmented reality in your video stream. This is more technically difficult but it provides a guaranteed wow effect.

Broadcast on a screen

  1. Chasing for treasures

You can organize a live broadcast or create videos showing the most interesting products at a show but do not say at which display they are. Promise visitors some prizes if they write a correct answer in the comments. To find “treasures”, people will have to view the entire exposition, and this is exactly what you need.

  1. Use a Nostalgia Factor

Toys and movies from childhood are a powerful psychological device that allows you to evoke vivid emotions in visitors and to gain their favor. And also it’s fun. Announce that this year you will have a thematic display dedicated, for example, to the “Toys Story“. Dress up in the costumes of the characters, decorate your booth in the style of the movie, think through the hook-phrase with which you will engage visitors. Of course, not every company can afford to have such fun, but it’s worth it.

Interactive screen

  1. Interactive walls

Make one of your walls in the form of a school board or a large paper sheet and ask visitors to draw, for example, their version of a logo of your new product or leave an opinion about it. Such an involvement works just fine so that your display will definitely be eye-catching. Just remember that people will struggle to be the first to draw something, so make the first few pictures yourself.

This is not a complete list of what you can do at your booth. Just find some creative idea that working for your businesses, and use it to attract the attention of visitors