Best Ways to Have Success at Trade Shows or Expos

While the first step to having success at a trade show or expo is attending the event itself, there are steps a business can take to ensure they have a productive outing at these events. Here is a look at the best ways to have success at trade shows or expos.

Choosing the Right Booth

The best way to succeed at a trade show is to interact with as many customers, enthusiasts or clients as possible. One way to achieve this is to have the right booth. Not only does this mean having a booth of the right side, but it means having your booth in an ideal location where you will get as much foot traffic as possible.

While some parts of the booth selection process are limited by whether or not you have attended a particular trade show in the past, you can still choose a good booth by registering early for the event. Companies that register at the latest minute will end up with the booth locations that no one else wants.

Focus on Display Quality

The best thing to do with regards to your booth displays is to ensure everything is as neat and organized as possible. The last thing you want is to have so many displays with different information, images and graphics that people get confused. Keeping things simple and light will ensure people passing by can focus on the message you are trying to deliver. And keep this message simple too, because the audience at a trade show will have a limited attention span because of the sheer volume of information being thrown at them in a short space of time.

Social Media

It is no good visiting a trade show if no one knows you are planning to attend. Make sure you are using social media in the right way to get the word out to your target market about your presence at a particular trade show. Not only will this increase hype about your upcoming products, but it will also encourage enthusiasts who have a favorable impression of your company to attend the event and check out what you have to offer.

Do Not Restrict Customers

When you get customers coming to your booth at a trade show, you will often find them pushy and inquisitive. But instead of getting offended by a customer who wants to touch everything at your booth, you should encourage this behavior. Let them sample all your products, give them a guide to your latest items and talk with them in as much detail as possible. Make sure everyone at the booth is extremely friendly and easy to converse with about your various products and services.


A great way to get people to come to your booth is by giving away free items. While you do not have to give away hundreds of your products at a trade show, a few giveaways throughout the evening will help build up interest in your booth. In addition, you can always give out cheap promotional items like t-shirts, pens, pencils and bags with your company’s logo on them.