Advertisement at Trade Shows

There are thousands of trade shows and fairs all around the world every year. For attendants they give opportunities to establish new or strengthen existing business relations, find new sources of information, new suppliersĀ  or customers, learn about new trends, goods or ideas, get acquainted with novelties and innovations and finally discover new markets.

For many companies, especially representing small business or start-ups, exhibitions lend the opportunity to promote their products or services, advertise technology they deploy, meet with potential buyers and investors. The most important, businesspeople have a chance to meet CEOs of big companies who are very difficult to reach, and talk with them longer than 10 minutes. Plus meetings with the right people at trade shows are going in a calm informal atmosphere without distractions to phone calls and other stuff. And exhibitors have all the samples and collateral at hand at a display in case they need to make a demonstration.


In case of B2C trade shows exhibitors have a chance to communicate directly with a large number of end customers, find out their needs, and ask for feedback, reviews and opinions about the products/services a company showcases at the show.

Trade shows are often a place where innovations and novelties are presented to the public. Usually the exhibition activity is supported by the preliminary publications in press, internet or commercial on the TV or radio. Therefore, when planning a release of new products on the market, do not forget about the additional benefits that you will get thanks to the presentation of this novelty at an exhibition, especially if it is large exhibition in a certain industry. If the interest of potential consumers or investors is awakened by advertisement, they have a chance to personally get acquainted with the novelty and talk about it with a company representative right at the display. To arrange the same quantity of meetings with prospects a company would probably need to spend several months.

From all that has been said to you, it becomes clear how useful it is to reinforce the exhibition activity with advertising in the press, direct mail, internet advertisement and types of pre-show promotional activities.

On-show advertisement is also very important. Very effective is a use of non-standard advertising, for example, dirigibles or balloons with information banners. Advertising text, image or logo on such flying objects will not be left without attention – they look impressive and are very original. The information becomes available to a large number of people; it even has a chance to appear in the photo and video reports.

Printed advertising is exhibited at the stands. You need to have several types of different booklets, leaflets, catalogs if possible. This will indicate a serious intention to develop and to find customers. Leaflets, calendars with contact information are given to everyone who is interested in products or services. A small souvenir with time can push to call or visit a store or online shop where the products are sold.

The exhibition gives an excellent occasion to write to customers and potential buyers both before its opening and after closing. A letter with a description of the exhibits or a note with gratitude for the interest shown and a reminder of the most significant advantages or properties of the goods will for sure serve to strengthen the benevolence, and perhaps, will bring more tangible results.